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hello, quick update of my life
i went to a marvel exposition in paris and saw captain’s shield, one that was used in the movie
and iron man’s helmet
and i also saw the costumes of the howling commando, worn by the actors
which means i saw things touched and worn by robert downey jr, chris evans and sebastian stan

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doctor who + cinematography


"Who’s your favorite character?"

The dead one.

The Avengers. That's what we call ourselves; we're sort of like a team. "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" type thing.


"The only one in the world."

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Chris Evans being incredibly adorable but also extremely hot with his beard.


like i try to be accepting of all pairings but certain ones just. nah. nope. no thanks. no thank u. u can ship that all u want. just keep it away from me. far, far away. don’t want to hear about it. don’t want to see it. keep it away


The day my father Odin banished me from Asgard, I was bitten by a vampire and had radioactive waste dumped into my eyes. To make matters worse, my mutant ability to control weather activated just as I was hit by a blast of gamma radiation. Nah, actually, I got this way by volunteering for the Weapon X program. They promised to cure my cancer. And they cured it all right, by giving me an outrageous healing factor. Then they labeled me psychotic and tossed me into a prison lab. So I escaped and became what some people might call a ‘mercenary’. I prefer the title ‘cleaner of the gene pool’. And I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way: like Arcade. He’s always sending me to his amusement park.

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Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier